The Golden Years

As we age, our immune system deteriorates and makes us more susceptible to disease. Most elderly people have at least three chronic illnesses.

They also lack vital energy system and get tired very quickly. Ageing is a natural process and so is slowing down, because the body is becoming weaker- but this is not an indication that anything is wrong. We all feel tired after a hard day and our bodies slow down as a natural response; this is iust part of the natural with increased antibacterial activity.

This helps to explain cycles and energies at different times in why chamomile tea appears to our lives. There are many factors that can boost the immune system and sap an older person's enthusiasm for life, fight infections. including a poor diet, insufficient money and loneliness, and this can create a sort of boredom and indifference to other

• family members, as well as to the world itself. A depressing self-fulfilling cycle can emerge whereby excessive worrying over aches and pains and can relieve the minor aches and pains produces stress symptoms of chronic ailments.

Always that further weakens the immune system, remember that on the most basic level making someone even more susceptible reflexology can increase the circulation, to illness. which is very important for older people. Reflexology is a very effective treatment for those in the golden years and can give them a sense of well-being, helping them Gentle exercise is a wonderful way to to feel more balanced and better within boost the immune system and is key to themselves. It can also help with many promoting good health and longevity.

Developing a healthy immune is essential for the elderly. A good way to do this is by drinking chamomile tea during the day, because it increases levels of hippurate, which has been associated

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