Reading Reflexes

During treatment you are helping to restore energy throughout the body and to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.

You also want to 'read' the hands to try and identify weak areas with which your client needs help, by searching for crystals and looking for areas of pain or discomfort You can ask your client if they find any areas painful, or you may feel their fingers flinch when you work on a sensitive reflex area or point. There are fewer crystals to be felt in the hands than in the feet, but when you do find them, use the hand- reflexology techniques I to disperse them gently.

Crystals or pain indicate an imbalance in the corresponding area of the body. For example, a crystal in the shoulder reflex may reflect a past, current or future problem in the shoulder

The main difference from the feet is that we use our hands in many more ways.

Our hands are also more exposed to pressure, which naturally breaks down a lot of the crystals that you would otherwise find.

If someone tells you that an area is sensitive, reduce the pressure and continue to work very gently on that area for a further ten seconds.

Watch your client's face, holding eye contact if possible, so that you can relieve pressure if discomfort is evident.

For a session of reflexology health and wellbeing please just give us a call.

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