Reflexology and pregnancy go very well together and there is much research to support this. Reflexology can help with pregnancy related problems such as tiredness, lower back pain & sleep.

Reflexology and pregnancy go very well together, and there is much research to support this. Reflexology can help to balance the hormones, regulate periods and ovulation, ease pregnancy-related problems, achieve a natural labour and reduce labour time.

Most of the problems that occur during pregnancy are the result of hormonal changes within the body, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and a redistribution of weight because of the inevitable weight gain.

Weight is an important factor in ovulation: a woman needs 18 per cent body fat to ovulate, which is why women with eating disorders may find it difficult to conceive. Reflexology has been used successfully by women who wish to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

I suggest you treat them with a holistic approach in their pre-conception care programme: healthy snacking stabilizes blood sugar (low blood sugar affects progesterone levels). High levels of protein are needed to conceive, while zinc is important for both sexes. Avoid high doses of vitamin C as it dries cervical fluid, thus preventing the sperm from reaching the egg.

Fertility declines in both sexes after the ages of 25-30 and, because people are delaying starting a family until their thirties, infertility is becoming increasingly common. Here are some suggestions to help with conception.

Cut out tobacco and caffeine, because these make it difficult for the body to nurture an embryo. Get hair analysis to identify any mineral deficiencies (such as zinc) and any toxins in the body. Be aware that digestive diseases like coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease could be the basis of malabsorption, causing a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Cut out alcohol consumption, as one drink per day reduces the chances of conceiving by 50 per cent.

Alcohol can delay ovulation; it also prevents the liver from working properly, which could affect blood-sugar balance and the elimination of toxins and old hormones from the body. Alcohol is also a supertoxin, which can block the body's absorption of essential fatty acids, vitamins and essential nutrients .

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