It's a Healing Foot

Reflexology is a natural way to stimulate healing in the body, and a healthy body is a body that feels good. Many folks have been amazed at the instant relief they have had from just a few minutes of deep pressure on the feet and/or hands. Since the hands are usually accessible, you can work on yourself almost any time—in meetings, riding in a car (not if you're driving, please), watching a movie, getting your teeth cleaned—or virtually anywhere you have both hands free.

Homeostasis: Getting It Right

Reflexology is great because it helps the body get and stay balanced. I'm not talking balanced as in walking on a balance beam. I am talking about balance as it relates to the glandular functioning of your body, or homeostasis. Homeostasis is really just a bio-chemical balancing act played every day of our lives by our endocrine glands.

Some of the functions controlled by homeostatic mechanisms are:

• Heartbeat

• Blood production

• Blood pressure

• Body temperature

• Salt balance

• Breathing

• Glandular secretion Our glands all work together just like a smooth-running corporation.

When one of the glands is not up to par, the whole corporation suffers. This usually means extra work for the other glands as they try to make up the work leftover by the slacker! By using the reflex points on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, we can stimulate those glands that are not keeping up and help the body become balanced again. For instance, symptoms of a sluggish thyroid gland could include unexplainable weight gain, lethargy, dry skin, and erratic sleeping patterns.

These symptoms are signs that the body is out of balance. More than likely, when your thyroid is out of balance and you rub your thyroid reflex point on the bottom of your foot, it will yell back at you—“ouch!” Keep on rubbing—that's just the thyroid telling you that it doesn't like getting caught sleeping on the job! 

It is not just the glands that can cause imbalance in the functions of the body. The major organs can become overloaded, tired, or injured; the muscles, skin, bones, hair, fingernails, joints, and all other parts of the body may show signs of imbalance. Bringing balance back to the body through stimulation is one goal of the reflexologist.

For a session of reflexology health and wellbeing please just give us a call.

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