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Foot Reflexology

A Trained Reflexolagist will be able to use a reflexology sequence on the feet to find reflex points or areas that are sensitive or out of balance.

These correspond to specific parts of the body and indicate a problem in the related body area. Use reflexology on the feet to determine a client's state of health. Crystals in the reflexes A reflexologist discovers congested areas by finding crystals in the feet. These crystals are made up of uric acid or calcium and build up in the nerve endings in the feet. If, say, the lungs become weak, their normal muscular activity slows down and the extremities of their nerve endings become blocked.

This blockage may only be small, but it could be enough to reduce the circulation to the lungs so that they do not get an ample supply of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients while simultaneously having their toxins removed. By applying pressure to these crystals, the reflexologist will break them up, so that they dissolve and are carried away in the blood.

The more crystals you find, the longer you should work on them, so that they can be broken down by reflexology. Sensitivity in a reflex can warn of a weak area in the body and, if the imbalance is treated and corrected with reflexology, illness can often be avoided. Using the right amount of pressure is important, because if you apply too much, it could cause pain and give a false reading. Use the charts to establish which parts of Reflexology on the hand can pick up both past and furture problems. the body a sensitive reflex area relates to. Then work over it several times, taking small steps as you cross the area and returning again at the end of the treatment. In this way you will ensure that you are .


Reflexology is like a time orb- it can pick up both current problems and the memory of an old problem, now long gone. Would you believe that if someone had a hysterectomy 20 years ago the reflex would still be sensitive now? This is because the body remembers injuries and operations, just as we do. You can also pick up a past condition that has been suppressed and resolved, such as childhood asthma.

Finally, reflexes on the feet and hands can highlight any areas of weakness or vulnerability that may give rise to future problems. In this way you can use reflexology as a preventative therapy that focuses on treatment, diet, lifestyle and emotional well- being to create good health. disbursing as many crystals as possible.