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Susan Birbeck

My name is Susan Birbeck and I am company director of Lifelong Fitness Ltd. I have been running the company for 12 years since founding it at 34 years of age in 2000. Fitness is my pride and joy and I thoroughly enjoy every part of the job I do. Having 2 girls at a young age I found I had no time to participate in any form of exercise and my weight spiralled out of control. When the girls grew up I gradually embarked on fitness and healthy eating regime and weight flew off. I found the love for exercise and decided I wanted to help others keep fit so in 1999 I took my first course Gym Instructor NVQ 2. From here I then qualified as a personal trainer, exercise for the elderly, reflexology and spinal reflexology.

Now, in 2012 Lifelong fitness offers one on one food and fitness programmes, reflexology from the home, chair-based exercise classes for the elderly and disabled, falls prevention technology classes and soon to be much more. I am constantly seeking new courses and keeping up to date with new regulations and guidelines.

The courses I have done have taught me that elderly people benefit from exercise as it helps them to keep mobile and prevent falls and further deterioration. Lifelong fitness is focused on delivering this to as many elderly people as possible and I am constantly advertising to nursing homes where I can share my love for exercise.

Currently I hold 15 classes a week within 9 different nursing homes and have 7 regular reflexology clients however I am ever expanding with new clients approaching me regularly. I am to keep the business going right through my elder years, after all exercise keeps the elderly able.



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