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As I was internet surfing trying to find information relating to reflexology I was fortunate enough to find your Website. 

If you haven't tried Reflexology I'd highly recommend it.  I know it's been a godsend for me.  I look forward to my treatments.

Mary - Bradford, West Yorkshire



I was a nonbeliever. I thought when you hurt you went to the medical doctor. I had some back problems. I had been to the doctor several times. I came home, popped a few pills and laid on the couch.

The muscle relaxers and pain pills alone wouldn't let me carry on as a normal person. It seemed as though I would never walk upright again. After one visit with Susan at Reflexology, Health and Wellbeing, I was a whole different person. I threw away the pills and had a couple more sessions, and now I'm back to my old self again. "Reflexology really works!"

Simon - Leeds, West Yorkshire

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